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IMAG0373-1Do you need to prepare an important communication project but don’t have the time? Are you hoping to hire a writer or editor or publicist for less than $10,000? Consider the new and not so expensive service offered here at Career & Life Direction.

Communication: What is the point?

Good communication is all about meeting needs and developing mutually beneficial relationships. For example, if a product or service meets a need, then it makes sense to tell people about it. This is one of those wonderful win-win situations.

But if (horror of horrors) distortion or manipulation creeps in, then a communication project is at risk of becoming a piece of propaganda which amount to an I-win-and-you-lose situation. And how many people want to be a part of that? Meeting needs and mutual benefit – that’s what good communication is all about.

Training & experience: Does this guy have any?

While I don’t have a communication or marketing degree, I have been writing and editing and teaching and speaking off and on now for over 20 years. No, really. I am – how you say – getting to be an old codger. And yes, that last sentence works best with a French accent.

After approximately 3,000 – or was it 3 million – essays, I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology from Briercrest College. Then, after another gazillion or so writing projects, I was handed a Master of Arts degree in theological studies from Regent College. Exaggerations aside, there was a whole lot of writing and editing going on during those college years.

More recently, in the past few years, over 280 writing projects of various lengths have been prepared for Career & Life Direction. This includes interviews, feature articles, short stories, book reviews, and guest writer submissions, etc.

Possible projects: What are we talking about?

Basically, I am not open to any large, mega, consume-your-life, type of projects at this time. In other words, ghost writing a meandering memoir is out of the question. And if, in my humble opinion, a potential project comes across as being boring and dull…again, I’m out. Sorry to be so picky. Got something small and interesting? Then I might be interested.

So let’s say that you have a writing project of some sort that needs attention. Maybe a press release, resume, newsletter, one sheet, acceptance speech, or blog post. Possibly a proposal, cover letter, rant, article, report, marketing piece, column, parody song, etc. What happens next?

Well, send an email my way and tell me all about your project. I’ll give it some thought and perhaps ask a few questions. Then, if it seems like a fit, I will give you a quote under $10,000. And if you are happy with that number, the project will proceed.

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