What does this career-and-life-direction-guy know about leading a company, a business, a ministry, or a church? Really, why should I bother reading anything that I find here? Two good questions, to be sure. And since your time and my time is valuable, what follows is a brief explanation as to why I am attempting to do this and why it might benefit you and your organization.

First of all, I do not pretend to be a leadership expert or some sort of organizational guru. In the future, though, I hope to publish more articles written by people like that. You may have noticed that the first article in this collection is actually written by the CEO and President of Compassion Canada. My job is partly to find people who know more about leadership than I do, and then to provide a way for them to offer their wisdom to me and you. But, at the same time, my desire is to do what I can to assist individuals and organizations as they struggle to identify and develop their God-given potential. So feel free to have a look around. Take your time. And if you find anything here that might help your organization to grow and thrive…please, be sure to make use of it.
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