By seeking God

Sun light still shines upon a shimmering sea

Sky creatures flutter high above the forest floor

And our green, blue, bright, brilliant sphere sways in place

As the galaxies beckon from next door


A turn-table-town, bows low, bends the knee

Warm the mind, healing wounds, dare to dance

Bitter souls, suffering long, finding hope, feeling found

Standing straight, walking tall, take a chance


Home at last, safe, secure, though this weary world waits

Pulsing play, planted purpose, songs that ring

Calling out to the self, sitting sad, so alone

Sighing by an ancient, poisoned spring


“Who am I?” sounds the throng, “Becoming what and going where?”

Spinning ’round, ground to ground, fading fast

Broken, bound by life’s loss, wailing now at the crossroads

And yet…a great and glorious laugh


© Career & Life Direction 2011. All rights reserved.


Copyright © Dandelion by Pexeto