Talking about your goals

Here are a few discussion questions that can be used together with the “Think big. Act small” post, or just as another way to attempt to clarify your goals. These questions could also be used as a way to start a conversation with your friends, your family, or within your organization.

1. What is the main thing, the big thing, I want to accomplish during my time on this earth?


2. What is the main purpose of my life, my family, or the organization I am a part of?


3. How am I presently attempting to accomplish that purpose? My method?


4. Am I focusing my effort in a way that is a fit with who I am? Why or why not?


5. Can I see the clear, small, practical steps that I need to take? Name five. 


6. What could be preventing me from doing what I need to do right now?


7. Who might I need to ask to help me along the way?


8. When do I hope to accomplish each specific tasks?


9. What will happen if I don’t?


10. Why does any of this matter?


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