Talking about your limitations

Personal limitations may occasionally be painfully obvious and instantly come to mind. You know what they are and likely so does everyone who knows you well. The purpose, however, of this discussion section is to encourage you to consider, and talk about, types of limitations that may not be quite as obvious.

Be encouraged: everyone has various limitations. Each person has obvious and less obvious limits. The idea is to change what you can and to learn to live with what you can’t.

Are you aware of your limitations? Try to understand what might be holding you back. Denying significant personal limits won’t help. Here is a list of possible limitations that you, or someone you know, may have to deal with:

1. Lack of finances:  How much money do you have? Enough to start something new?  

2. Lack of stability and community:  How long have you lived in your area? Are you connected?

3. Lack of physical or emotional health:  To what extent are you a healthy person? Can you function normally? 

4. Lack of self-understanding:  Do you know who you are and what you want to accomplish with your life?

5. Lack of relational skill:  Are you good at getting along with others? Or is building relationships a struggle?

6. Lack of personal identity:  Do you have clear boundaries? How are you different from people you know?

7. Lack of language or communication skills:  Can you say what you think and how you truly feel?

8. Lack of an empowering location:  Is it possible to do what you really want to do from where you are?

9. Lack of appropriate training:  Do you have the skills required to be successful in your area of interest?

10. Lack of meaningful relationships:  Are you plugged into mutually beneficial relationships? 

11. Lack of safety and security:  Is it very dangerous to live where you do? Are the authorities corrupt?

12. Lack of confidence:  Do you feel good enough about yourself to attempt new things and possibly fail? 

Try to pick two or three of the things mentioned on this list and then ask (1) if there is some way that these limitations can at least partially be overcome, and (2) if not, how can you make the best of your situation.

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