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If this is your first visit to Career & Life Direction, this would be a fine place to start to have a look around. May I suggest that you take your time exploring this site. Slow and careful thoughtful reflection is what you likely need right now. That is, if you are attempting to clarify your career and life direction and become all that you were intended to be.

For starters, you might want to give yourself the amount of time that it would take to leisurely drink a cup of coffee or tea or chai, etc. The worst thing you could do (okay, maaaaybe not the absolute worst) is to shift your brain into high gear and frantically search the Internet super-duper information highway for that elusive bit of insight or advice you really, really need right now!!!!

With over 280 pages, there is more than enough info. right here to cause your eyes to glaze over and your brain to go numb. So take your time. Read slowly. Try out the search box at the bottom and to the right of this page to find the specific information you need.

Just so you know, the purpose of this modest website is to encourage millions of people around the world (that would include you and me) to pursue a career and life direction that is a fit with who they are. If you are looking for a site slogan or a concise message that could be painted on a banner and pulled along over your city by a plane…here is a suggestion:


If lots of people actually did this, as opposed to just reading about it or thinking about it or talking about it – or even writing about it – it would make a big difference in this beautiful and yet broken world.

So feel free to stop in every now and then to be inspired and encouraged. But for the most part, please don’t make a habit of staying here too long. Focus rather on your own life and on how you can practically pursue your unique God-given potential. Determine to take the next step – whatever that might be for you.

Feel free ask a question particularly if you are not finding the information you are looking for. Do you have specific career and life direction question? Go to the contact page and send in your question via email. Might be good to check the FAQ’s before sending in a more general question. Your interest is appreciated. Please, however, that it is not presently possible to leave comments below each article. Too much spam coming in and not enough time deal with it.
 Oh, and here is a bit of information that will help you find your way around this website:

1. Home – Click on this button if you ever want to return to the front or landing page of this website. You will also be able to learn about the services available at Career & Life Direction

2. About – This is where you are right now. Read on in this section and you will discover a little more about my background, life direction, and Christian confidence. This area of the site will help you understand where I am coming from and what I am trying to accomplish. Time spent in this area will also hopefully inspire you to clarify your own life purpose.

3. Discover – This is where the self-assessment tools are parked. Learn about your personality, career interests, spiritual gifts, S.H.AP.E., etc. You can also look into a variety of educational possibilities in Canada.

4. Imagine – Here you will find articles about or written by people I know personally. You will also be able to listen to a couple interviews, reflect on career-related quotes, consider how to have meaningful conversations about your career and life direction, and enjoy a few stories.

5. Progress – Consider how you could progress, or move ahead, in your own life. A couple of excellent career-planning books are included in this section. A collection of short articles designed specifically for leaders is now available as well.

6. Blog – And this is where you will find most of the Career & Life Direction content. The post section in the blog is what I refer to as the “Career Column” area. It isn’t a neat and tidy description, but for the most part this is where I offer specific and practical career and life direction advice. With over 170 articles, this is also the largest section of the site.

Click on “Contact information” at the bottom of the main page if you would like to send an email my way or know more about where Career & Life Direction is located in Canada.

More recently, career and life direction encouragement is available via Twitter updates. The “follower” label is less than ideal, but that is how the Twitter people set things up. Just so you know, these updates usually flow from what I happen to be reading in the Bible.

One more thing, if this site is driving you crazy please let me know and I will do what I can (if in fact I can do anything) not to drive you quite as crazy as I have been. In contrast, if you find this site helpful please tell someone.

Well, thanks for stopping by! Come back again some time when you have the chance.

 Nathan (norwegiansoul)


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