Performance Best

An airplane in flight over a blue skyWhat if Mozart had given up on music? And what if Crosby never discovered hockey?

While most of us are not child prodigies or star NHL athletes we can each do something well. But it is not always easy to know exactly how to focus our lives in order to offer our best.

What are you naturally good at? And what are you passionate about? What makes you want to get up in the morning and embrace another day? What are you doing when the time just seems to fly by? If you could afford it, what would you do day after day – for free?

Based on a classic article by Peter F. Drucker, this interactive PowerPoint presentation encourages employees to develop their unique potential and builds organizational capacity.

Each individual is complex and one workshop is not going to provide all the answers. But the long-term goal is plain: It works best if each of us can strategically align who we are with what we do for a living. Productivity increases, satisfaction goes up, and citizens get more of a bang for their tax-paying buck.

This workshop will guide participants as they:

  • Work towards a clear understanding of personal strengths
  • Identify how to make their best contribution
  • Clarify motivational values

*A workbook is included and posters are available to advertise your event

Performance Best was designed for staff working in an urban municipality, but the content can be adjusted to meet the needs of various public and private organizations. People in well-established roles will benefit from this half-day course as well as those who anticipate a change.

Please contact Career & Life Direction for more information.


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