Top 10 reasons

  1.  You have something wonderful to offer the world. But you might not recognize what that “something” is right now. This website could help you see yourself in a new light.                                                                                                                     


2.  The sooner you can clarify your career and life direction the better. Life on this earth is brief at the best times. It will go by fast. Careful reflection now could help you later. 


3.  Being stuck in life doesn’t help you or anyone else. If you are feeling stuck, this website could provide you with some much-needed encouragement and advice. 


4.  Making decisions will be easier once you have focused your life. Developing a clear sense of personal vision and direction will help you know when to say yes and no.


5.  Feeling alone in your life-direction struggles? Be reminded that there are many people around the world who struggle with the same things.


6Consider once again,or perhaps for the first time, that a Christian worldview makes a positive difference in every area of life. Yes, worldviews and truth claims matter.


7Become all that you can be for the benefit of others. It will feel great to reach the end of your life and be able to say, “I did as much as I could with what I had!” 


8Be encouraged to be yourself. Sounds odd it put it that way. But many of us spend our lives trying to be someone or something we are not.


9Find out practical ways to encourage people you know and love to develop their God-given potential. 


10. Read for personal enjoyment. I have enjoyed doing the writing and I hope that you enjoy the time you spend reading.  


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