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Career & Life Direction is focused on helping people and organizations identify and develop their God-given potential. Do you enjoy writing? Do you have a story to tell or wisdom to offer that connects to this emphasis? If so, I would be happy to hear from you. What I had in mind, was a 600-800 word article with a couple of pictures and a brief bio. If you have a website, a link to your site could also be included.

Since this website has a global focus, it really doesn’t matter where you live. Articles travel fast via email. If, however, you hail from Saskatchewan or light up when you hear the words “Trailview” or “Greenridge” consider this to be a personal invitation.

But please be aware that Career & Life Direction is not presently listed among the Fortune 500 group of companies. Which is to say, that I am offering a modest amount of media fame and $50 per article. If, however, you were invited to submit a story there may be other arrangements.

At the moment it would be great to be able to offer other perspectives in the following three areas:

1. Career Selection

What do you do for a living? Or, if you are now retired, what did you do? And what advice would you offer to a young person who is seriously considering the same career? What do they need to know in order to make a wise decision? The idea here is to provide personal and practical advice.

So far, I already have an article from a pastor and a nurse? Are you a doctor, a teacher, a farmer, an accountant, a carpenter, a banker, etc.? Why did you choose this career or vocation? Imagine that you are talking to a young adult who is just starting out in life. What could you say that would help them discern if this career is a fit for them?

What do you find exciting and fulfilling about what you do? And what do you sometimes find difficult? Careful consideration is required when making a career decision.

2. Personal Direction

Do you have a personal mission statement which serves to guide the overall direction of your life? If so, how did you go about putting it together? What does it say? And how has having this helped you make decisions over the years? Give specific examples.

The goal is to assist people who are frustrated because of a lack of general direction in their lives. What could you say to encourage and direct someone in such a situation – regardless of their age? What specific steps could they take to go about acquiring a more clear sense of direction?

In my own case, two books were particularly helpful. More information about these resources is available in the “Progress” section. But the process may have been quite a bit different for you.

Any thoughts?

3. Organizational Development 

Finally, do you have a leadership role in a small or large organization? Have you served on a governing board? Are you the president or the CEO of something? Are you actively leading a business, a church, a government department, or a community organization?

Is your name Stephen Harper? Yes, it is okay to write about running a country. Although I’ll understanding if you are too busy dealing with protests and a variety of other problems.

How have you helped to shape the direction of the organization you are a part of in a positive way? Do you feel that what you are a part of has reached or is beginning to reach its full potential? Why or why not?

More to the point, what advice would you offer to a leader who is struggling to clarify a vision or develop the potential of a group of people? What has worked for you? Is there a resource you have found helpful and would want to recommend? 

Thanks for your interest!


*Please be aware that your article will be edited. In the process, I will attempt to preserve your voice and clearly convey what you are trying to say. Click on “Contact information” at the bottom of this page in order to ask a question or submit an article for consideration.

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