Who would benefit?

Everyone could benefit, in some way, from the services offered at Career & Life Direction. Certain people, however, would likely benefit more than others.

If, for example, you feel really good about the direction you are headed in your life, you should probably be doing something else with your time and money. The purpose of this site is to offer helpful and timely guidance as opposed to creating discontent.

The reality, however, is that you are probably reading this because you are somewhat confused. It is possible that you lack direction, that you feel stuck – frustrated – not sure what to do next. You likely long for more clarity in your life. You are searching for a stronger sense of purpose. But how do you find it? How do you cut through the haze?

Career & Life Direction is basically designed to benefit two groups of people: (1) People who are starting out in life, and (2) People who are struggling as they make adjustments along the way.

In other words, this site is for anyone who has yet to find their niche, and for each person who – for any number of reasons – is trying to find their place again.

The planning and consulting service in particular could benefit a wide variety of people.


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