The Roadblock Seminar: What is holding you back?

This seminar will help identify what prevents you and I from reaching our true potential. The goal is to develop a more clear understanding of what is holding us back, preventing our growth, and limiting our impact.

For some, the main issue is obvious and the problem is very clear. It’s just a matter of deciding what to do about it. For others, the core problem or roadblock has yet to be recognized. Something isn’t quite right, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. And you sense that there is so much more you were placed here to be and do.

The purpose of this seminar is not to fixate on what is negative, or to vent, point fingers, or lay blame. But the desired outcome is to clearly recognize negative influences in our lives.

The first step is to identify the problem or misunderstanding. Only then can we begin to deal with it. But changes in our way of thinking and living will take time.

While avoiding anxiety, this whole process will be approached with a sense of urgency. The parable of the talents is presently ringing in my ears. But please note that the purpose is not to quickly fix anything. The larger goal, once again, is to become more aware of what has gone wrong and what we can do to change our situation.

Each session will include a presentation, group discussion, and a quiet time of reflection. The following topics will be discussed:

1. Roadblocks created by a flawed worldview

What do you really believe to be true? And how is that affecting you? Are distorted core convictions messing with your mind? Is a bent belief system shaping your future? Lies are never very helpful in the long run. And yet, all of us end up believing a few of them.

2. Roadblocks connected to cultural expectations

Everyone is born into a specific culture or community. For better or worse, certain ways of thinking and living are assumed and expected. And pressure is applied to make people fit. Although culture can be positive, it can also create many serious challenges.

3. Roadblocks caused by unhealthy relationships

On a scale of one to ten, how helpful and healthy are your relationships? Are your friends, family, and acquaintances on your side? Or does it sometimes feel like your relationships are working against you? Are there patterns and ways of relating that need to change?

4. Roadblocks created by difficult situations

Life isn’t fair. Which is to say, that some people have it more difficult than others. Everyone does not have the same opportunities. And yet, we each have something difficult to deal with. So what are you facing? What are you up against? What has happened to you?

5. Roadblocks connected to our self-understanding

Each person will always remain partly a mystery. We can never completely understand ourselves or others. But we can make an effort to come to a greater understanding. And sometimes, a lot of effort is required to discern who we are and how we fit.

6. Roadblocks caused by limited personal development

But no matter who you are, considerable effort will be required to reach your true potential. Your gifts and talents and abilities, etc. need to be developed. Yes, God loves you…and everything is not just going to fall into place or be easy. Are we each doing our part?

*This seminar could be held on a Saturday or used as the focus of a weekend retreat. Either way, a warm setting, friendly relationships, good food, and numerous coffee breaks would certainly add to the overall experience. To inquire about hosting a seminar click on “contact information” at the bottom of this page.

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