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Direction: mine and yours  Author’s background and life direction

The God connection  A lively article about God’s existence

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Purpose or mission statements  Clarifying your personal direction in writing

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Schools in Canada  Discover how to get where you want to go

Imagine:  Picture possibilities for your life as you read and reflect


Scott’s themes and axioms  Consider if Scott’s themes and axioms might work for you

Artistic impact  Read about Keith Kitchen, a Canadian, Christian, folk-roots musician

On being a pastor  Six things to consider before becoming a pastor

Finding your niche  Discover Brent & Colleen, getting involved in their community

Living your dream  Celebrate with Carolynn & Gene as they fulfill a 30-year dream

Picking up speed: Robert’s life direction  From Alabama to Africa and beyond

On being a nurse  Adding love and compassion to knowledge and skill


Living without regrets  Robert Burns, Real Estate Broker, Board Chair, Quebec

Helping high school students  Eryan Hessian, Career Counsellor, Stanstead College

Helping university students  Margarita Pavlovic, Career Development, LCC University

Dealing with setbacks  Brent Eliason, Field Consultant, Farm Land Security Board


A word to the wise  Consider the danger of not making full use of your potential

On finding your life’s work  Learn to take ownership of your unique identity

Reason for self-confidence  Connect God and a healthy sense of confidence

On getting started  Start moving towards your life destination today

Words of encouragement  Feel affirmed and be encouraged

Careers and callings  Work at clarifying your life direction

A sense of entitlement  Expect problems and learn to be thankful

To love someone…  Help a friend picture possibilities for her life

Both are necessary  Take initiative and talk to God


Talking about your goals  Where are you headed anyway? And how are you going to get there?

Talking about your strengths  What are you good at? How could you make use of your strengths?

Talking about your limitations  Nobody can do everything. Everytbody has limits. What are yours?

Talking about your PLE’s  Has a pivotal life event profoundly shaped your life?

Talking about your worldview  How does your worldview effect everything you say and do?


Moving ahead  Whatever you do, don’t give up now. Keep moving ahead

Finding freedom  Is it possible that we have to step back in a way in order to make progress?

Coming home  Slow and steady, that’s how to get things accomplished and finally reach the goal

The planning book  Don’t be surprised if most people seem to care less about your life

The back of the bus  One way to understand what is wrong and how to make it right


Introduction video  Learn about the services offered at Career & Life Direction

Joyful living  A beautiful song by Sebastian Demrey marked by joy

More to life  An Alpha video. Entertaining and effective. It makes you think

My responsibility  How do you decide what you are and are not responsible for?

Dumb ways to die  This is fantastic…a reminder not to do anything exceedingly dumb

Progress:  Aim to understand the big picture

In my life:

By taking 4 steps  Identify four career steps that you need to take

By dealing with your pain  Break free from the pain in your past

By focusing your life  Discover the importance of expanding and narrowing your world

By adjusting your values  Keep your possessions in perspective

By acknowledging God  Move in step with your Maker

By setting goals  Get moving in a general direction, and then clarify the details

20-year chunks  Move ahead one 20-year chunk at a time

In my organization:

Leadership and living  Five articles designed with leaders in mind

Personal plans:

Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life

What Color is your Parachute?: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters…

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FAQ’s  Frequently, and not so frequently, asked questions

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Credits  Giving credit where credit is due

Blog/Career Column:  Discover practical career-related advice

The power to change  It could be that you have more options than you realize

Personal development  Be reminded of the importance of personal/product development

Courage and calling  This book by Gordon T. Smith might be well worth your time

Wally’s private parts  Marketing matters. And so does how you describe what you do

Life coaching with Jane Halton  Pastoral care meets your to-do list

Looking closely before you leap  It takes time, but it is worth it to do your research sooner rather rather than later

My resolution for 2015  Trying to change the world? How about trying to change one very small part of it

Finding your sweet spot  Be encouraged by Rob’s example and personal quest

Discovering what you like  Reflecting on a few past experiences can help to determine what you really like

Lessons from the studio and beyond  Life lessons from a recent recording project

A humdinger of a wingding  Everyone has limits. We all find this out soon or later

Money in my pocket  Does money make you feel good about yourself? Does that make sense?

Hope on the horizon  These are troubled times. Where do you turn to renew your sense of hope?

Your distinct identity  Can you completely change yourself? Or are you basically stuck with yourself?

Obsessing about Rob Ford  One flawed man in Toronto who appears to be trying to do his best

Seeking and finding  Opportunity is often hidden from view. Some searching will be necessary

Leah’s journey so far  Reflect on lessons from Leah Kostamo’s life journey

The back of the bus  Enjoy a story about what is wrong and how to make it right

Scott’s themes and axioms  Consider if Scott’s themes and axioms might work for you

Who am I?  A simple question that is not always easy to answer

My Responsibility  Determine what you are and are not responsible for (video included)

Learning to listen  Perhaps keeping a journal is a really good idea – for men too

A picture perfect life  Does anybody you know really have one? Probably not

Yann Martel’s story  Consider what kind of stories impact your life

Seeking a new perspective  Learn about a book written by Os Guinness

What is right for you  Hold on to what is right and what is right for you

Empowering more people  Help your organization reach its potential

Consider crowdfunding  Explore online fundraising platforms

Searching for answers  Take the time to find the info. you need

Whacking the wasps  Avoid doing something spiritually dumb

Fly the plane  Clarify roles in your organization

Coming to life  Feeling half alive? There is still hope

Helpful communication  Yes, some ways of commuicating are better than others

Explore your future online  Try out the TypeFocus service for free

Waiting for a miracle  Do you wait for things to happen or make things happen?

Hockey, hockey, hockey  Consider what might be distracting you from your main purpose

Making a mission statement  Do you have one? If not, why don’t you try to make one

Telling your story  Write for Career & Life Direction and get paid

Anxiety and God’s will  Avoid superspiritual and subspiritual extremes

Causing offense  Make the extra effort required to avoid causing offense

Rip-roaring resolutions  Turn your attention towards what is true as you set goals for the new year

Learning to lead  This means, among other things, learning how to handle money

Bilbo Baggin’s story  Be encouraged by reflecting on the life of one little Hobbit

Stepping stones  Make an effort to save some money if you don’t know what else to do

Positive problems  Learn to appreciate at least some of your problems

Sustaining your focus  Stop and consider how what you do makes a difference

Your clearness committee  Learn from the Quaker’s: avoid isolated decision-making

Avoiding codependent chaos Take responsibility for some things but not everything

Parker’s point  Take the time to listen to what your life is telling you

Weird and wonderful  Appreciate and even celebrate your “wierdness”

Out of control  Reflect on the importance of having a measure of healthy control

The gift of guidance  Offer the gift of guidance with caution

Positive personal power  Learn to control what goes on in your mind

The problem of play  Reflect on the place of play in your worldview

A need to impress  Why is so-and-so’s opinion so important?

Living on the edge  Learn to accept that life will be difficult and even dangerous

Feeling lost: finding your way  Discover the positive side of discouragement

On getting started  Try to determine what might be holding you back

The sacrificial side of life  Consider the cost of the quest for true freedom

Problems and perspective  Identify which problems are your problems

Education and practical benefit  Pay attention to what you really need to know

The planning book  Improve you planning skills. Expand your impact

Surviving and thriving  Embrace God and the gospel while avoiding passivity

Getting to the other side  Identify and then take the next step in your life

Finding what you are looking for  Avoid information overload

Finding freedom  Break free from unnecessary and unhelpful control

Relentless determination  Learn how to make good decisions and accomplish goals

What you have to offer  Consider what you might have to offer this world

Going to good extremes  Reflect on the example left by the Apostle Paul

On taking chances  Have some fun with one of ABBA’s old songs

Your culture counts  Affirm what you can in your culture. Hold your head high

Why I like Americans  Look for good qualities in the people around you

Growing strong together  Reject old insecurities. Determine to encourage others

Moving ahead…slowly  Realize that it will take time to make process in your life

Adding to your anxiety  Discover a whole new level of fear. Find peace in the process

Earth, sea, and sky  Be aware that your imagination will run wild when you move ahead

Training her strengths  Acknowledge your weaknesses but develop your strengths

It doesn’t pay to panic  Facing a crisis situation in your life? Try to stay calm. Think

How to make like more difficult  Here are a few practical steps you could take

StrengthFinder 2.0  Read this book review and consider using this resource

Diving in: courage and caution  Remember to hang on to both “c” words

Focus, focus, focus  With distractions all around don’t forget to focus your attention

Paying attention to your life  An invitation to share your life direction with others

Defining your destiny  Read about one little bird that could have become so much more

Putting problems in perspective  Learn to stop looking down and start looking up

Potential roadblocks  Identify what is holding you back or blocking your way

A quest for clarity  Be encouraged to clarify your life direction

Living with limits  Recognize your limits and learn to live with them

Personality and problems galore  Identify what you are, and are not, responsible for

Relationships and the Trinity  Reflect on the Trinity and learn how to relate to others

Getting advice while growing up  Listen to advice while you establish your identity

Listen up and rise up  Be encouraged to get the advice you need early on in life

20-year chunks  Focus your energy on different things in different stages of life

Warming up  Be encouraged to slow down and notice the beauty all around you

Flying high: Helpless no more  Find out how to gain a healthy level of control in your life

Moving ahead   Be encouraged to keep on moving ahead

Asking for wisdom  Get in the habit of asking for what you need

Conversation, careers, and God  God-talk, career-talk, self-talk or God?

Unintended consequences  Strike a balance between working and waiting

John Holland’s hexagon  Explore a well-established career-exploration tool

Building a website  Learn how to set up your own blog/website for free. Free is good

Bears and boundaries  View your career in terms of humanity’s higher calling

Free at last  Experience freedom even in a confining career and life situation

Corrie’s story  Imagine how you could respond to a painful situation in a positive way

Pivotal life events  Identify pivotal events in your life that could shape your future

Direction & Deutschland  Be inspired by a nation with a strong work ethic

Think big. Act small  Take a big, impossible, dream and turn it into reality

Until the cows…  Focus on your goals and have some fun

Setting goals  Clarify general and then very specific goals in your life

Feeling small  View yourself as small and yet valuable

Meeting needs  Meet your own needs and the needs of others

Belief and doubt  Accept the fact that you will never please everyone

Holding hands  Consider Robert Schuller and the importance of partnerships

Life purpose coaching  Learn about Life Purpose Coaching International

Shining some light  Find a way to serve others throughout your life

Six things to do  Do these things, and make progress in your career and your life

Personality potential  See the potential of your personality type

The next step  What is the most important thing you need to do right now?

A walk in the woods  Reflect on your true identify and source of worth

Clarity and confusion  Be thankful for the ambiguity and mystery in your life

Information overload  Find the information you need and ignore everything else

Green on the inside  Develop your character as you develop your career

Decision time  Make appropriate and important decisions when you need to

The Butterfly Circus  Discouraged? Learn about and watch this inspirational short film

Home on the range  Finding a place and a position where you can feel at home

Career Direction & Earth Day  Consider what is really worth celebrating during your life

Purpose and poverty  Be yourself for the benefit of others

Filtering advice  Seeking and evaluating career and life direction advice

Courage  Finding the courage to do what you need to do

Dreams, direction, and God  Do your dreams fit with your understanding of humanity?

Snorkelling in B.C.  Living in Vancouver? Consider a career-related course at Regent

Globetrotting  Travel with a purpose. Have adventures that fit with your life direction

Risk & Rivendell  Be sure to get an education and a paying career

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