Advertising at Career & Life Direction

City FriendsDo you have a product or service that would benefit individuals or organizations seeking to develop their potential? If so, please consider advertising here at Career & Life Direction. It is now possible to make more people aware of what you have to offer for $25/month (CAN).

Advertising spots will be available on the left sidebar in the blog section in slot #4, #6, and #8. A message can be added in capital letters above a horizontal or vertical image. Clicking on the image will direct a visitor to the site of your choice. As well, an additional message can also be added underneath.

For three years, Career & Life Direction has been assisting individuals and organizations as they attempt to identify and develop their God-given potential. While this website isn’t the center of the Internet universe – the number of visitors is quite small – it does provide a specific and focused service. In terms of traffic, most of the visitors (about 60%) come from the USA and Canada. In 2014, the top five countries included the USA, Canada, Brazil, the UK, and India.

The goal of this small advertising project isn’t to make a lot of money, but rather to cover some the costs associated with providing this online resource. If you have a question or would like to suggest a quality product or service for consideration, please click on the following link and send an email. Thanks for your interest in this website.

Advertising at Career & Life Direction


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