An FAQ for you: How can you reach your true potential?

Do you have a question? Check the frequently and not so frequently asked questions that follow and you might just find your answer. Not wanting to have boring FAQ’s, a number of imaginary questions have been included as well. Hope you don’t mind.

1. How does it work if you purchase career-planning and consulting services for more than one person?

The only thing you need to know, is that a separate email address is required for each person in order for them to be registered in the TypeFocus system. Let’s say that you decide to purchase career-planning services for three people in your family. Once the transaction has taken place via PayPal, click on “Contact information” at the bottom of the page and send in the required additional information. 

2. Your website loads very fast. Which server are you using?

The server that runs Career & Life Direction, and hundreds of other sites to be sure, is maintained by a company in Canada called TrueMedia. Knowing next to nothing about servers, I am very thankful that this contraption continues to work as well as it does. Jamez Picard is the person you will want to communicate with at TrueMedia.

3. Your website doesn’t work very well when using Internet Explorer. Do you know that?

Yes, several people have already mentioned this problem. Taking the time to communicate this is appreciated. But again, I have no idea why this is happening or if it always does. If anyone reading this knows more about this type of problem…please let me know what, if anything, can be done. In terms of technical problems, one of the sidebar adverts apparently causes some browsers to resize. If this happens to you, maybe you could leave a comment and mention which advert is causing the problem. Thanks.

This just in: Try enabling the compatibility view if you are having trouble with Internet Explorer. The “Compatibility View” button is located right next to the “Refresh” button.

4. How did you build your website? Which theme did you use?

Initially, I signed up for a free site with WordPress which came with the theme Twenty Ten. Then, I went the pay-the-server-people route and continued on with WordPress and the theme Twenty Eleven. If they come out with a Twenty Twelve theme, might just keep the drive alive and quickly sign up for that one too. Plugged in a few free plugins and that was about it. Along the way I discover that if a plugin designer says that they haven’t tested their plugin with the version of WordPress that I am using, that it probably means that they haven’t tested their plugin with the version of WordPress that I am using. Wiped out 20-some sidebar widgets one day and learned that the hard way.

*The theme on the new website is a premium theme from ThemeForest.

5. Can I take some of your content and publish it on my website?

Still trying to figure out how things work here in the wild, wild, Internet-west. Do appreciate being asked, though. The general policy here at Career & Life Direction (my, that sounds formal) is to decline such requests. If you would like to point a few folks in this direction, feel free. And if you feel inclined to copy and paste and claim this content as your own…my lawyer friends just might find you someday (please imagine scary laughter in background).  

6. How long have you been blogging?

It is been a little over a year now, but my wife might tell you that it feels like forever. Typical male move, I guess, to zone-out and fixate on one particular project or task. Right now, this is a hobby and part-time project, although eventually it could become more than that. We’ll see.

7. Can I use some of this material for a discussion group I am a part of? 

Someone just asked this question, and for some mysterious reason I managed to lose it somewhere in this website. Sorry about that. Most publishing companies have something called a “Fair use policy.” Here is mine: Feel free to make up to 10 copies of an article for your discussion group. I am thankful and surprised that there is some interest in discussing the content provided here. But, if this material can help your group in some way please do make use of it. This website is here to help.

8. What type of comments do you tend to publish?

If you are interested in having your comment published, try to say something that would be interesting for lots of other people to read. “This website is great” or “This website is terrible” makes for dull reading after a while. General positive comments are appreciated, but right now there are too many of them. Maybe you could also say something that you disagree with and why. A large number of comments and a small amount of time make it a challenge to manage the comments in a consistent way. Many thanks to all who have taken the time to leave a comment. 

Lately there hasn’t been much in the way of comments. The comment section is open on most posts for you to have your say. 

9. Would you like some more spam, and could you please post my purely self-promotional comments on your website?

No. But, thanks for asking. The vast major of comments and questions received are quite enjoyable to read. A few people, though, seem to have a lot of time on their hands and treat this website like their own garbage can. Here is a thought: If you strongly disagree with something you read on this website, why don’t you leave a comment and say exactly why. A comment like that might be very interesting for other people to read. Please consider that.

10. Would you like some money? I have way too much and desperately need to give some away.

All the time. This happens all the time. Every day, check the comment section, and there it is, again. Lottery winners one day. Oil company share-holders the next. It gets annoying after a while but such is life. So if you are loaded down with too much cash, you’ll just have to take a number. Sorry to disappoint.  

11. Where is Saskatchewan anyway?

Saskatchewan is about the size of North & South Dakota plus Nebraska and part of Kansas. It is located just up and to the left. You probably knew that already, but thought it might be good to tell you anyway. And if you fly into Vancouver, you will likely venture across the Rocky Mountains and make your way to Calgary. Then, when you are traveling east on the Trans-Canada highway, about to run out of gas, and find yourself thinking, “Where did all the people go?” you will know you have reached my home province: Saskatchewan.

As an aside, here is a little suggestion: Wherever you go, try to appreciate a place for what it is as opposed to criticizing it for what it isn’t.

12And finally, how much traffic do you get? Translation: How many people visit Career & Life Direction each day?

The present number will likely not impress you, but the number of people who visit this site continues to increase (at least this was the case when this was originally written). Interest in various parts of the world is very much appreciated. Thanks in particular to all who have taken an active interest in Poland. If you find that this website is helpful to you, please tell someone you know who would also benefit from it. Thanks for your interest and involvement. God bless.  

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