Speaking and seminars

The focus of this service is on speaking and facilitating as opposed to writing. And obviously, it will involve travelling to where you are rather than sitting in my office day after day looking out the window.

But it won’t be about filling the air with words. The goal, rather, is to encourage ordinary people and official leaders to take specific and practical steps to move ahead and make a difference in this world. With over 6 billion people on the planet, I’d wager that there’s a lot of untapped human potential. And I would suggest, that God didn’t place us here hoping that we would all do next to nothing with everything that we have been given.

seminar is being developed and the speaking service or ministry has begun. Several topics are now available. Keep in mind that more presentations will be developed to meet specific needs. Present speaking topics include:

  • Dealing with discouragement
  • How to avoid arbitrary living
  • Ten ways to start moving ahead
  • Lessons learned along the way

If you are looking for a speaker, please click on “contact information” at the bottom of the page and briefly communicate who you are, what you need, and when. Please also mention the purpose of this event and describe the audience. Your request will be considered and then details can be discussed.

How will you benefit? If you are responsible for organizing assemblies at your school, booking guest speakers at your church, managing the career counselling service at your college, or planning a weekend retreat, etc. I can provide valuable and appropriate content for your event. People who come and listen and participate will be encouraged to work towards a greater sense of purpose and clear direction in their lives. Of course, these things take time. The initial change or discovery may be small. But we all have to start somewhere.

Much more is needed in your life and mine than more words and more talk. But words can make a difference. Little words can help. A timely word can sometimes change the world.

Here is a brief video I recently put together designed to help people determine what they are – and are not –  personally responsible for. This presentation is called My Responsibility. Interested in more information? Feel free to view my Linkedin profile.


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